A $140 Bln Gaming Craze: the Gaming Industry’s Overview and the Role of Ingame Items

Why gaming is not just lots of fun but also lots and lots of money?

“In just 10 years, the industry has almost doubled in size rivalling that of the music and even film industries and reaching a $138 bln valuation.”

“Twitch has been bought by Amazon for $1 bln and viewed 560 bln minutes — roughly 1 mln years — by 140 mln users — approximately two populations of Germany — in 2018 alone.”

“The 2018 biggest gaming tournament’s (“The International 2018”) prize pool equaled $25 mln — an amount only outnumbered by one real sports event’s prize that year — the Wimbledon’s $43.8 mln.”

The game & ingame items as a core of a multi-billion industry

“The most expensive ingame item, Planet Calypso, was sold for $6 mln — and not even to an individual gamer but to a company, which saw it as a great investment.”

Why would somebody pay millions for something that only exists inside the game?



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