Cow Level AG has been selected by F10 as one of 14 Startups shaping the future of banking & insurance

F10 Switzerland announces 14 Startups joining the eighth cohort of its Incubation program, starting on 14th February 2022. Selected from 240 applications, this cohort reflects the most relevant developments in the FinTech and InsurTech market by covering exciting solutions from Metaverse over Sustainability to Wealth Management.

During the Masterclasses, the Cow Level team will receive world-class coaching and gain access to a vast network of mentors, experts and investors. The 5-month Incubation program culminates in the Demo Day on the 30th of June.The cohort includes 14 disruptive, pre-seed and seed startups from 6 countries, 9 from Switzerland.

“Challenge accepted”, say Cow Level founders Boris Obodda and Stefan Kämper, “We are very excited to join the F10 universe. The time will be intensive. We are looking forward to the incubation program.”

Cow Level AG shares are one of the worldfirst regulated and tokenized shares.

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