F10 — The Cow Level team graduated Batch VIII

The last 5-month Boris & Stefan took part in the F10 Incubation program.

We had the pleasure to work with a group of like-minded and motivated founders from all over the world.
Teams in the batch were: Yukii, Splint Invest, Terminos, STOverse, Topaz Digital, distriBind, Addmin, Modus3, Truly, Clarity, Cow Level, Rivvi, Pelt8, Vylto

The Masterclasses:

Masterclass 1 Ideation, Market-Problem

  • Five customer interviews documented with learnings

Masterclass 2 Problem, Solution-Fit

  • Five customer tests documented with learnings

Masterclass 3 Funding & Structure

  • Investor Deck

Masterclass 4 Marketing & Sales

  • Customer Acquisition Plan

The grand final was the demo day at the Google auditorium.

In case you would like to rewatch the event, you can do so here on LinkedIn. Check out the startup one pagers here.

We want to say thank you to our mentors:

Deborrah Schaer,

Dominik Wensauer,
Matt Lanfear,
Benedikt Kukačka

the F10 team:

Magdalena Tuta, Joelle Stocker, Marc Hauser, Paolo Falco, Andreas Iten, Lukas Schimmel, Jonathan Seiler, Yan Yin, Melih Vatansever, Peter Heine

and the sponsors:

SIX, PWC, Generali, Microsoft, Julius Bär, BME-X, renta4, Raiffeisen, Alastria, Hewlett Packard, Franklin Templeton, klaytn, r3



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