FiPME partners with Gamerjibe for the world’s biggest virtual gaming conference

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We live in a crazy world. Where everything shifts digital and everything is possible all in a sudden. Would you expect Formula 1 drivers to stream daily on twitch? McLaren Lando Norris does it. Ferraris LeClerc is killing it. The NBA goes digital and conferences do as well: At we are building the future of virtual item trading — for professional traders because there is simply no Nasdaq of gaming yet. But also as an alternative to twitch for gamers to capitalize on their skillset and time…

No company has tackled this issue yet: We all love twitch but only the big 5 percent make good money, the rest has a tough time. Now what if we invent a system where you don’t have to be an entertainer and stream 10 hours a day but you can just play the game of your choice and trade the item: #CallofDuty, #Warzonee, Fortnite Gameplay, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks or a mobile game like Clash of Clans or Awakening of Heroes — doesn’t matter, we cover them all.

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In case you can’t attend, no wories — we got you covered at Just press „Try Demo“, log in, you’ll be greeted with 10.000 FiPME-Dollars as a welcome surprise. is a big deal, that’s why we decided to partner with them. The event will be hosted by LinkedIn influencer Chris Smith who is an incredible guy posting value content and a ton of interviews on Linkedin almost every day. He will actually live stream from the conference daily at:

Covered by USA Today, all around the games and esports business

FiPME is having a virtual drink from our friends at NutriGMR with fellow US Marines.

At FiPME we’ve worked for huge brands like Samsung, Red Bull or NBC Universal, so we are excited to attend panels at Gamerjibe all around esports, what’s going on with the Call of Duty World League, Riot Games franchise system and how Europe is developing with skyrocketing teams like Astralis from Sweden. As serial entrepreneurs at the startup panel we will also share the ins and outs of working for a startup, how to scale a team and recruiting talent at the early stage.

We are especially happy to announce that a lot of press will attend the Gamerjibe Conference as well — a lot of gaming and esports outlets, but also mainstream & lifestyle giant USA Today.

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