METAVERSE: challenges and opportunities to the eGaming and eSports industry


The Metaverse is the new technology that Mark Zuckerberg announced publicly on October 28, 2021. It is supposed to substitute the Internet as we know it and have profound impacts on business and the eGaming and eSports industry. eGamers will use virtual reality headsets to allow high levels of interaction with other players and characters. This new technology, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Blended Reality, is therefore expected to make gaming sessions more involving and entertaining to users. As a result, the eGaming market is expected to grow exponentially and overall when Apple joins Metaverse, Microsoft, and other major protagonists. Various aspects of eGaming are expected to change. Some of the major changes in the eGaming market include a massive increase in merchandising, massive growth and productivity, increased technical innovations, and attracting new entrants into the gaming market. Virtual goods and services will probably surpass physical goods. Platforms of virtual goods exchange such as FiPME — the First international Play Money Exchange should have golden days in sight.

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