Present and Future eGaming/eSports Trends


The paper summarizes the evolution of eGames and eSports from their appearance until now. In this regard, it focuses on the contribution of VR and AR technologies in improving the games and the players satisfaction. Then, building on opinions of eGaming protagonists, it tries to define the trends of the industry in the horizon of 2025. Although forecasting and predicting is a risky endeavor, starting from sound assumptions from industry experts is believed to provide insights and guidelines for stakeholders and decision-makers. In summing-up, some famous titles such as LOL and DOTA2 will continue to have a leading position along EA Sports FIFA, but emerging titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends defend fiercely their places too. Governments and institutions are waking up and enrolling by supporting grassroots and inserting eGaming and eSports in the educational and research systems, by 2025, they will be more present and active as stakeholders. Technology in turn is boosting the industry, especially through streaming, VR and AR. Objective forecasts are optimistic: there is space for investments and R&D.

Keywords: #eGaming #eSports #VR #AR #2025 #community #CowLevelAG #FIPME #3DFilm #Unity #virtualGoods #exchange #RTS #MOBA #UNESCO #DOTA2 #LOL #RiotGames #EAsports



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