Young Visionaries and AI: Nurturing the Shapers of Tomorrow


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological advancements of our time. Its impact goes beyond mere technology and touches various aspects of life, from the economy to society and even the entertainment industry. Young individuals, in particular, exhibit a strong interest and engagement in this field, as evidenced by an inspiring event we recently attended in Switzerland.

The Digital Festival & HackZurich and Emerging Technologies
The Digital Festival & HackZurich in Switzerland was a captivating showcase of technological innovation and creative ideas. It provided a glimpse into the future through topics such as AI, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and Data Privacy. The presence of new technologies, including impressive robotics applications, highlighted the rapid evolution and broad spectrum of these technologies.

Young Talent in Focus: Exchange with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts Students
A highlight of the event was undeniably the enriching exchange with the talented students, especially those involved in Data Science at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The room buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as they shared their thoughts on AI and related technologies. It was palpable that they were not only technically adept but also highly perceptive of the societal impacts of these innovations.

The passion, rationality and understanding with which they spoke about AI was infectious. Their very professional curiosity was refreshing, and they posed profound questions that shed light on the core aspects of AI and its application domains. Their ability to comprehend complex concepts and contextualize them within society and the economy was impressive. These young talents not only showcase technical understanding but also social sensitivity towards the impacts technology has on our world.

The discussions with these aspiring Data Scientists provided insight into a possible vision for the future. They view AI as a pivotal resource for progress and innovation, when handled with careful responsibilty. To them, AI is not just a tool for optimizing business processes but also a means to address societal challenges. Their dedication to finding solutions that look beyond personal gain reflects their aspirations to positively shape the world.

These young talents are aware that they stand at the forefront when it comes to handling AI responsibly. They see themselves not only as technology users but as co-creators of a future where AI has the potential to bring about positive changes in many aspects of life. Their enthusiasm and willingness to shoulder responsibility are encouraging and point towards a promising future where AI is utilized by a generation that comprehends its opportunities and challenges and fearlessly embraces them.

AI in the Gaming Industry and Regulated Trade of Ingame-Items
A domain that strongly resonates with the younger generation and where AI plays a significant role is the gaming industry. AI algorithms enhance the gaming experience, personalize content, and enable complex interactions, as well as a balanced ingame economy.
Our own visionwith FiPME especially on the latter is clear: Regulated trading of ingame-items should evolve into an intriguing economic model actively utilized and shaped not only by young individuals and encouraged by individuals and companies alike.

Impact on Companies and Society
The way especially young people interact with AI and the mentioned technologies is already influencing companies and society today. Startups and established enterprises are increasingly embracing AI to remain competitive and develop innovative solutions. Simultaneously, young individuals are at the forefront of societal discussions concerning data privacy, ethical standards, and the responsible use of technology.

Where this journey may take us
The enthusiasm, engagement and responsibility of young individuals in dealing with AI and forward-thinking technologies are promising for the years to come. Their active contribution to technology development and its applications across various domains will significantly influence the future. Nurturing these interests and providing them with a platform to realize their ideas is crucial to allow them to have a positive impact on our world.



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